First off... What are affirmations?

Affirmations are positive statements that help you overcome negative thoughts & provide guidance for declaring goals & self-improvement. Repeated daily, they solidify the intention of your ritual.

Affirmations of Self Love...

• I love, respect, & approve of myself, just the way I am.

• I am worthy of my dreams.

• It’s safe to trust myself.

• I am a magnet for healthy, uplifting, & empowering energy. 

Affirmations of Abundance...

• I am blessed beyond measure.

• I am prepared to take advantage of the opportunities heading my way. 

• Abundance flows to me when I do what I love.

• I release all negative energy over my prosperity.

Affirmations of Health...

• Everyday is a new opportunity to enjoy new levels of energy & well-being.

• My emotions are free flowing & balanced.

• I breathe in powerful, glowing light that refills & recharges me.

• I am confident in my body & I treat it with care.

Affirmations of Pleasure...

• I am a lovable & desirable being.

• I attract people who treat me with respect. 

• I receive pleasure & abundance with every breath I take.

• I choose to feel joy, excitement, & honor my inner child.

What's with the moon phases?

Our candles are hand poured during different times under different moon phases. Each candle harnesses the lunar energy of the moon phase it was poured under. Every moon phase has it's own properties & magnetism which we've highlighted on your ritual card! These are guidelines on how to select & enhance an intention & harness the extra magick boost.

** Say your intention is to get a promotion at work... If your candle was poured under a Waning Moon, you may want to release or repel negative thoughts or doubts about getting the job. You can use the energy of these moons to fit any intention or goal & attract or ward off whatever energy suits you.

New Moon

This moon phase is great for setting intentions around rebirth. Begin new cycles, get recharged, refreshed & be open for endless possibilities.

Waxing Moon

Looking to focus on growth? This phase is all about growing abundance, romance, & self love.

Full Moon

The full moon brings out intensity. This is a time for reflection, nourishment, & release. All affirmations will be extra potent under this phase.

Waning Moon

The waning moon enhances the power of release. This phase will being you closer to repelling, banishing, & letting go of what no longer serves you.